Terry Maker: Because the World is Round

Apr 2, 2020 - Aug 30, 2020


While the Museum is closed due to COVID-19, explore the virtual 360 tour of this special contemporary art exhibit.

Terry Maker is a celebrated artist who is having a moment, one that is testament to her lasting impact. She’s recently had a comprehensive retrospective at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Museum, featured solo shows at the Fulginiti Gallery in Aurora and the Littleton Museum, and is on frequent rotation at the Robischon Gallery in Denver. The beauty, wit, and message of her work seem to be hitting a chord.

And now, in collaboration with our own Curator of Exhibitions, Jared Thompson, and his team, Terry has created a unique exhibit especially for the Longmont Museum: Because the World is Round. Terry mines commonplace materials, cutting and re-combining them into dense and tactile wall reliefs and large-scale freestanding sculptures. For this show, she is focusing on a recurring theme in her work—the circle. Circles have a host of symbolic meanings, and Terry wants to invoke them all—cosmic, cyclical, universal, sacred… Her transformation of our gallery is awe-inspiring.

Maker lives in Louisville, Colo. with her three furry dog children and husband Chris, who designs and builds robots and is often a collaborator in her work.