Thaddeus Phillips Presents: Zoo Motel (Virtual)

Nov 5, 2020 - Dec 19, 2020


Theatre director, designer and performer Thaddeus Phillips, returns to Buntport via the virtual with 'ZOO MOTEL' . Mysterious & playful, and filled with Phillip's hallmark theatricality, ZOO MOTEL is a live (yet remote) interactive & intimate theatrical / cinematic play broadcast live from a village in South America where Phillips has been since the pandemic hit.

This wildly inventive exploration of the possibilities of live virtual theater and the magic of cinema combines a creative use of zoom and complex camera choreography to create a play that has the feel of live theater yet within the framework of a movie.

By purchasing a ticket for ZOO MOTEL, participants reserve one of 21 'rooms' in the imagined motel. Then an email file which includes a printable room key, motel stationary, motel brochure and interactive set piece is sent. A deck of cards will also be needed to participate. At showtime, the night clerk opens the motel to welcome guests and then the live interactive transmission opens the door to specially crafted motel room set designed in collaboration with award winning designer Steven Dufala.

(no show on Thanksgiving November 26th)