That's My Jam! It's Always Sunny Trivia Night

Mar 30, 2018

That's My Jam! Is a monthly themed trivia night starting at Stoney's Bar and Grill and March is: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Friday, March 30th 7pm
Free to play
Teams of 6 players or less
Hosted by Meghan DePonceau & Jeremy Pysher
Prizes & Costume Contest

That's My Jam! Monthly Trivia Night is all about rewarding the nerds, dorks & geeks who are obsessed with each month's topic of course!
But also, this will be a very entertaining and fun evening even for just the average fan. We encourage teams of all knowledge levels to come out this month and celebrate the amazing happenings of Paddy's Pub

Lots of space but seating will begin as early as 4pm. (Last month, tables we were full by 6:30 so please come early)

Build your team and come ready to sing about the spiders inside us all.

That’s My Jam! Trivia Night Seating Outline:

Seating: Stoney’s will not be taking reservations. Seats will be given on a first come, first serve basis. This is a popular event and we have one of the biggest spots in Denver to do it. Last month, several groups made reservations and did not show, leaving tables open. We have 18,000 square feet, and Stoney's is adding tables and earlier arriving teams will have tabes closer to the stage. Even after tables are filled, if you come there will be space for you. Standing room will be available, you will not be turned away. Stoney's has 59 TV's and a full house audio system, so no matter where you are, you will be able to see and hear the trivia.

We are super excited for this month's That's My Jam, and I can not wait to see all the awesome unique costumes. There will be IASIP themed food & drink specials, leave your cans of wine at home.