The Art Deco Quintet: Album Release Show

Jan 30, 2019


Art Deco was born to honor the musical spirit of the early modern jazz masters (Sun Ra, Ornette Coleman, Don Cherry, Charlie Haden, Paul Motian, Charles Mingus and others). These important artists do not receive the same attention as their peers who played and composed in more straight-ahead jazz styles. Art Deco works to demystify various modern jazz styles for the audience and will perform a number of original works, inspired by these iconic musicians as they endeavor to create music that is sincere and expressive but also accessible, and enjoyable.

This special show celebrates the release of their album "Free Range" that was supported by the Pathways to Jazz Grant program and features: Alex Nauman from Billings, MT on guitar, Briana Harris and Heath Walton on saxophones, Dru Heller on drums and band leader Matt Smiley on bass.

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