The Crud

May 19, 2017 - Jun 10, 2017

The Crud follows the repetitive days of Dear Deer, Barely Bear, and Broken Baby Doll Detective as they try to navigate their boredom. Nothing is important and everything is of the utmost importance. They pass their time reciting exactly what is happening, watching their Great Pile of Crud, and eating jelly toast. Thanks to the forgettable fellow in the corner, they also get to ponder whether anything is worth remembering. This is the final full-length production of Buntport Theater Company's 16th Season and was based on the contents of a storage locker that Buntport purchased at an auction. Like on the television show Storage Wars, Buntport bid on an abandoned locker. Unlike the show, they are not re-selling the contents, but are instead making a play with them.