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The Four Freshmen

May 19, 2019


Bob Ferreira – bass vocal part, drums (Joined in 1992)
Jonathan Gaines – vocals 3rd part, trumpet (Joined in 2017)
Stein Malvey – vocals 2nd part, guitar (Joined in 2013)
Tommy Boynton – leas vocals, bass (Joined in 2015)

In 1948, four young men created a sound that forever changed the way vocal jazz harmony was heard and performed. Known as The Four Freshmen, the group started with two brothers, Don and Ross Barbour, their cousin Bob Flanigan, and friend Hal Kratzsch. With a soaring, true tenor in Bob Flanigan, the group created a sound that has endured for over 6 decades. Hal Kratzsch sang the bass part and played trumpet. He sang the bass part with a big sound, laying the foundation for the Barbour brothers to add their beautiful inner part stylings. Ross sang the 3rd part and played drums. Don sang the 2nd part and played guitar. Thus, the original Four Freshmen was born and began touring, playing bowling alleys and small clubs across the country.

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