The Grasshoppers

Jun 11, 2020 - Jun 27, 2020

  • Image Buntport Theater Parking Lot
    717 Lipan Street, Denver, CO 80204
  • Image Price: Donations Welcome
  • Image Starting: 7:00 PM
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The Grasshoppers
a mini drive-in [live] theater experience (a.k.a a short play performed outdoors while the audience remains in the safety of their cars).

Like most performance-based companies, We have been working on safe, alternative versions of entertainment, and like many companies both locally and around the country, We landed on an iteration of the drive-in.

The Grasshoppers is a short, funny twist on a nature documentary, featuring four giant grasshoppers (spaced safely apart from each other) on Buntport's front lawn.

A note:

*While the show requires a vehicle and a smart phone, Buntport will provide alternatives for anyone who does not have access to one or both.

The basics:

*The Grasshoppers runs Thurs–Sat at 7:00, June 11th–June 27th in the parking lot of Buntport Theater – 717 Lipan Street in Denver

*Additional dates/times are likely to be added. This is an experiment.

*Audience members will stay in their cars, listening to audio in the safety of their vehicle.

*The production runs only 35 minutes for everyone's comfort.

*TICKETS ARE REQUIRED and donation-based. Donate what you can, based on the number of audience members in your car. If you are suffering financially right now, as so many people are, come for free! There are very limited spots so reservations are necessary.

Safety precautions:
*Vehicles may have as many people in them as legally allowed, but should only consist of people who have already been quarantined together. We have no problem with a car of one taking a parking spot!
*Please bring masks, in case you need to unroll your windows, as cars will be parked next to each other.
*You will technically have access to our bathrooms if needed, but we would prefer everyone stay in their cars at all times. It's a short show. Plan accordingly.
*Performers will not be close to each other or you.