The Lollygags Playing Live!

Sep 11, 2020


Come enjoy a night out in Downtown Denver and listen to some live music from The Lollygags 🎵🤘

Free Entry | All Ages

Reservations are encouraged

They aren't so much garage rock as they are garage rock n roll.

They definitely aren't a jam band, but they are a band who likes to jam.

They aren't a cover band either. But the Lollygags have been known to cover their favorite songs from time to time.

Almost as if the Kinks had come of age in the early 1990s. Or if Cheap Trick were to find themselves in a rumble with Husker Du. The Lollygags brand of rock n roll is timeless and familiar, but never too derivative of any one band or era.

Initially started in late 2011 by Denver native Jonathan Snyder. It was a passionate fandom for rock n roll in all its flavors, which eventually led Ryk Bonus into the band. Flanked by rocky mountain rock n roll veterans Peter Higgins on drums and Dave Myers lead guitar, the Lollygags have graced the stages, and sometimes floors, of venues all around the Colorado front-range. Look for new music released from the Lollygags in 2020. Until then check out the Lollygags full catalog on your favorite streaming service.

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