The Pamlico Sound

Jul 18, 2018

The Pamlico Sound play original, authentic, high-energy big band funk with an updated reading of the classic styles of greats, like Sly and the Family Stone and Parliament Funkadelic. The interweaving lead vocals of Ghana Queen and the Reverend EverReady are laid over a hard-grooving, rhythm section and ornamented by the notorious Soul Shouters Horns.

With lyrics reminiscent of the intelligence, humor and social consciousness of their legendary influences, and a relentlessly upbeat drive to their musical arrangements, the group lifts listeners’ spirits into a rarefied atmosphere. Band members include LaSha Afarko, Will Baumgartner, Maus Nomdeguerre, Paul Stadler, Alice Hansen, Matt Wilkolak, Mark Wilkolak, and Thom Holum.