The Pirate Alumni Show and Boundary Lines

Jun 22, 2018

June 22 - July 8, in the main space Pirate Contemporary Art is having a retrospective featuring the work of former members called “The Pirate Alumni Show”. This show features work by some of the best artists to have walked the decks at Pirate. After leaving Pirate many of the artists represented in this show have attained commercial gallery representation, had museum exhibitions, and went on to have national, and international success. Featuring works by: Margaret Neumann, Bill Stockman, Martha Daniels, Wes Magyer, Mathew Doubek, Michael Brohman, Viviane LeCourtois, Terry Campbell , Claudia Roulier, Marie Gibbons, Janelle Anderson, Peter Illig, Monique Crine, Christine Buchsbaum, Collin Parson, Sigri Strand, Nick Silici, and Dale Chisman.

In the associate space is “Boundary Lines” by Scottie Burgess. His work explores the existential human condition as it relates to the linear quality of the aesthetic experience. Through sustainable constructs, meditative wrappings, and textural sculptures, Burgess emphasizes the delineating qualities of the line, which defines the edges between the seen and obscured amidst our ever forward moving trajectory.