The Seasons

Nov 28, 2020 - Dec 5, 2020


At a time when a worldwide pandemic has shut down theatres and caused typical fundraising events and their annual gala to be cancelled, Parasol Arts has created a truly unique artistic endeavor, combining the mediums of Argentine Tango dance, music, visual arts and poetry while making this exciting new project available to anyone, anywhere. This outside-of-the-box thinking is called The Seasons and it will be available to stream this November via SeriesFest. A one-week viewing ticket is just $15 and will be available for purchase starting November 14. The film will be available for viewing starting November 28 for one week only.

Originally planned for the stage in September 2020, The Seasons is a story about the cycles of the universe, the planet, human lives and relationships. Set in an art gallery on a Saturday night where a few tango couples have gathered to dance, a few new people enter to look at the artwork. Three strangers, inspired by the paintings depicting the seasons of nature imagine different seasons of romantic relationships through stunning choreography.

Award winning filmmaker Mitch Dickman of Listen Productions is working closely with Parasol Arts' Creative Director, Lorita Travaglia to build an artistic dance film which will contrast the macrocosm of the universe and the microcosm of the intimacy of human relationships.

In this unique look at the seasons of human connection, world class Argentine Tango stars, Diana Cruz and Donato Juarez — who previously starred in Parasol Arts' production Carmen the Tango — are joined by Domenico Luciano, former principal dancer with Colorado Ballet.