The Space Between: Opening Reception

Aug 14, 2020


The Space Between brings together photographs from two separate bodies of work: one by Kris Sanford who uses art to explore an imagined queer history, and the other a collaboration of poetry and images that reveals Petal, a persona whom Philip Matthews manifests to write and David Johnson photographs. With time, we have come to see and understand the world through a select set of lenses. How do we begin to shift this view and see in new ways? This exhibition seeks to provide the space to engage in conversations about identity, sexuality, and relationships. The juxtaposition of three artists’ work in one place, for the first time, as the inspiration. Timed entry to see the exhibit will be offered between 5 pm and 8:30 pm. Due to COVID-19, visitors are asked to wear masks. The number of visitors in the gallery will be limited. Registration is required and can be found on CPAC's website. All events are free and open to the public. The show will be on view August 14 - September 23, 2020. Image credit: Grandmother's Trees (N.C. 036) by David Johnson in collaboration with Philip Matthews.

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