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The Way of the South Platte

Aug 7, 2021


In our daily lives, most of us don’t think about the river that sustains us. It is the meltwater from the mountains, flowing into the South Platte, that we drink, so we are built on this liquid backbone and would find life an arid affair without it. Join us for a journey along the river’s length through the metropolitan area.

We will learn some of the science behind the river, some of the history of how we have treated it and how the river has treated us in return, and current development plans along its length. Long ignored and mistreated, the river is now becoming an asset beyond simply a source for our drinking water. We won’t see it all, of course, as the river continues along an increasingly built-up corridor to the northeast, but we’ll give it the old college try. Set sail with us to learn the way of the South Platte!

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