The Woolgatherer: Kathryn L Petroff

5/10/2018, 5/11/2018, 5/12/2018, 5/13/2018, 5/16/2018, 5/17/2018, 5/18/2018, 5/19/2018, 5/20/2018, 5/23/2018, 5/24/2018, 5/25/2018, 5/26/2018, 5/27/2018, 5/30/2018, 5/31/2018, 6/1/2018, 6/2/2018, 6/3/2018

The Woolgatherer” is a collection of new works by oil painter and muralist, Kathryn Petroff. This solo exhibition, on display at Valkarie Gallery weaves together hauntingly beautiful imagery and quiet narratives that draw the viewer into a dreamlike world of rural solitude. These creations are inspired by Kathryn’s experiences living and painting in the backwoods of Bailey, CO.

The opening reception on Saturday, May 12, 5 - 8:30pm and will include decadent food and drinks, giveaways, and some behind the scenes insight into the inspiration and process of this body of work.