Tinker Yorkinee Spree’s Fantabulous Suitcase Circus

Jul 18, 2017 - Sep 9, 2017

Puppeteer David Simpich is pulling some old strings and plenty of new ones as his Olde English Tinker/Clown opens his wares-for-sale suitcase at a most unusual angle— revealing a troupe of highly talented Yorkshire Terriers vying to take the center ring. For this special summer show, all ages are invited to find a seat under an amazing mini big top that celebrates the magic and hope only found in a world of spangles, sawdust, and daring…. Tinker Yorkinee Spree’s style, that is.

This is the first all-new production designed by Simpich since 2004 and is the first All-Ages show to be featured at Simpich Showcase theatre. It is also the first episode in what will become an annual summer series of Circus Adventures at Simpich Showcase.