To Muse the Labyrinth

Oct 16, 2020 - Nov 7, 2020


"To Muse the Labyrinth is an exploration of what it means for me to be a Black artist, lost between worlds of anger, resolve and conjecture. During this residency, I will create a labyrinth – a safe space in which to be vulnerable, free from judgement, and awashed in absolution.
The space is open to wander amidst my sculptures and amidst the 3D printed sculptures of the interns, all of which represent this journey. I will allow myself and the ArtLab interns to be lost amidst the global pandemic; lost among the sensationalized, continual murder of Black bodies; lost in the wokeness of a nation bathed in racism, ostensibly trying to wash away the evidence; lost by the personal trauma that we never get to heal from because we "are so strong."
With the help of Octavia Butler and other Afro-Futurist/Speculative-Fiction authors, I will create for myself the space needed to recover and imagine, to find myself of my own accord, and invite the ArtLab interns to allow that journey for themselves. I invite anyone who is in need of becoming lost, in order to find themself whole, to Muse the Labyrinth with me." says Thomas.