Toppling Goliath Day


Lowdown is teaming up with Toppling Goliath Brewing Company to bring you some of the best beers in the world! Hailing from Decorah, Iowa, Toppling Goliath is bringing their big, bold beers to Denver for the Great American Beer Fest, and Lowdown is the place to have them!

We'll have 9 world-renowned Toppling Goliath beers on tap including Pseudo Sue, X-Hops Maroon, Golden Nugget IPA, Pompeii IPA, Dorothy’s New World Lager, Dragon Fandango, King Sue, Kettle Clogger, and Mornin’ Delight. Our Lowdown Brewery house classics will also be on tap. Toppling Goliath's brewers will be here in the afternoon to mingle and answer any of your beer-centric questions. We'll start pouring them at 11a on Wednesday, Oct. 4 and (if there are any leftovers) on 11a on Thursday, Oct. 5. See you there!