Trace Rocks the North Side Tavern

Dec 2, 2017

Trace Rock is a one man musical powerhouse!

A performance by Trace is a unique multi media entertainment experience. Combine 21st century sound and video technology with musicianship that rivals Brian Setzer, Joe Satriani and Bon Jovi and you begin to get the idea. Now add comedy, props and audience rapport and the impact of a Trace Rock show becomes clear. T

race is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. Trace has performed at corporate events for Ford Motor Company, Time Warner/AOL, Comcast, National Semiconductor and the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. Club dates and opening acts include the Hard Rock Cafe, Alice Cooperstown and arena shows for the Scorpions and Pat Travers. Performances include the Tokyo Dome, Korea, Okinawa, Hawaii and Alaska. Trace Rocks with an eclectic playlist that entertains audiences with a wide variety of covers as well as showcasing his songwriting skills with selections off his original releases.