Train To Be A Somm, Or Just Drink Like One. Part II

Nov 28, 2018


Take part in our monthly educational wine series at our RiNo taproom and learn a thing or two about the whats, whys and hows of everything wine. Each of our classes will cover different topics, but one thing is for sure...there will be lots of wine drinking no matter the subject.

Up Next: 10 Myths of Wine Debunked! Part 2: There are so many myths out there! Let us help you become a more educated & aware consumer be squashing them and letting you shop and sip with confidence. Does more alcohol mean a better wine? Am I allergic to tannins? Is white wine void of health benefits? Let's do some more wine investigation and uncover 10 MORE myths! You are gonna be an A+ drinker after this, and your friends are gonna think you're so cool and you're gonna laugh every time you hear someone say "diet wine." For real.