Tricks and Trumps - Euchre Night

Sep 20, 2018


Are you from the Midwest and remember sitting around with your friends and family playing Euchre? Maybe it lasted into the wee hours, maybe you were hunkered down weathering a storm, but we know that several beverages were consumed, tricks were won, trumps were called, and you had a LOT of fun!

We're bringing that fun to Colorado with a series of facilitated Euchre tournaments, and so far they've been one hell of a good time! These nights are designed to be fun and welcoming to people of all Euchre experience levels. So bring your "partner" or "go alone" and sip on some beers while trumping and tricking!

Tournament winners receive various beer prizes.

Do not hesitate to arrive solo; our facilitators do not mind jumping in to play if we have an odd number of people.

If you need a brush up, we'll be offering a quick tutorial at 6:30 and starting play around 6:45ish.