Unicorn Festival

Jun 25, 2017

A celebration of the imagination and all things mythical, the Unicorn Festival is coming to Littleton’s Clement Park!

The magical day will be filled with Unicorn rides, swimming Mermaids, meet and greets with beloved Princesses, wandering fairies, Quidditch matches and more! This is an enchanted event for the young and the young and heart, for families, cosplayers and anyone who loves imagination and fun! Interact with fairy tales and become part of the magic!

It’s a day full of interactive fun! You won’t want to miss:
• Princesses, Fairies, and Mermaids from Wands and Wishes
• Bounce Castles and an Enchanted Castle Labyrinth
• Sorting Ceremonies, Wizard Dueling and Quidditch with Avistrum Academy
• Dancing Dragons from the Colorado Asian Cultural Heritage Center
• Face Painters
• Oracle Tarot Readers
• Enchanting Vendors
• Scrumptious food

Admission is just $10 for adults; $5 for kids under 12 and kids under 4 years old are free. Our MAGIC PASS wrist band lets you skip lines, skip play tickets and sit up front at the main stage! Adults $24, kids $12 or a family pack for $60. Group discounts available for 10 or more.

Parking is FREE!

Most events and activities are included in the admission price, but we have play tickets for our extra-special activities!
Presented by Dana Cain of Dana Cain Events and Michelle Baldwin of Frolic and Vamp, they dreamt up the Unicorn Festival while gushing over their mutual love of fantasy and fairy tales. As a child, Michelle was “obsessed with books about other worlds that were filled with magical creatures. Today I still love anything that brings me back to that place of pure imagination and my goal is to make the Unicorn Festival a place that will transport everyone, kids, and adults, to a land of fantasy and fun. I am sure that anyone who attends the Unicorn Festival will experience a wonderful feeling of love and magic that will inspire them to bring more creativity into their lives every day.” Dana’s goal is to “create an environment of inspiration, magic, and imagination that will make everyone feel great about life and the endless possibilities the world offers.”
Clement Park is a gorgeous lake side park with an incredible view of the mountains, the perfect setting for a day of enchantment and fairy tales!