Vacant Spaces

Jul 12, 2018 - Aug 3, 2018

Vacant Spaces brings together Virginia Diaz Saiki’s intricate etchings and block prints with the gritty beauty of James Green’s dye on raw canvas.

Virginia Diaz Saiki will show work from her series My Neighborhood. The etchings and block prints grew out of her nostalgia for Denver during its rapid transformation. She records the change and movement she sees as she walks through the city. “I know some of these houses won’t last very long. So, I’m creating a record that they were there.” On July 13, 4 - 6PM, Virginia will give a demonstration called Inking: Intaglio vs Relief, where she will demonstrate tips and skills she has learned in her vast experience printing in both mediums.

While visiting the MONA in Tasmania, James Green was struck by a wall-sized piece of art created using dye on canvas. He’s been experimenting since, developing and perfecting his own technique. “I enjoy the vibrance I get out of some of these dyes and color combinations…I don’t know anyone else who’s doing this.”