Vintage Voltage and Toy & Doll Supershow

Mar 31, 2019


Two popular shows - side by side in a bigger, more central venue! The Toy & Doll Supershow and The Vintage Voltage Expo will be together - same day, same time! Admission is STILL just $5 - and it now gets you into BOTH shows!

Early birds get in an hour early, for just $10 - which gives early shopping access to BOTH shows!

Hundreds of tables, LOADED with cool stuff from dozens of vendors around the region!

VINTAGE VOLTAGE EXPO: Turntables, vinyl records, radios, amps, classic guitars, CDs, casette tapes, 8-Tracks, classic audio gear!

TOY & DOLL SUPERSHOW: Vintage and collectible toys, dolls, comics and more! Barbie, Hot Wheels, GI Joe, My Little Pony, TV and Film character toys, loads more!

Tickets on sale at the door only.

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