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Voices of the Desert

Nov 18, 2021 - Jan 8, 2022


Union Hall is pleased to present Voices of the Desert, the first solo exhibition of Denver-based artist Cherish Marquez (b.1989 El Paso, TX, USA). Cherish spent her childhood in Sierra Blanca, TX, and adult life in Las Cruces, NM. She holds a BA in Fine Arts and Creative Writing at the New Mexico State University and an MFA in Emergent Digital Practices from the University of Denver. Working in digital fabrication, game design, and wearables, her work operates from a queer Latinx perspective and is heavily subjected to speculative futurism. Her work explores environmental justice, mysticism, mental health, and queer identities, and healing from generational trauma. Reflecting on the corporeality between the physical and the metaphysical, her work allows the viewer to navigate through a fictional landscape of uncanny beauty, danger, redemption, and the unknown.