Walk Like MADD

Aug 5, 2017

Walk Like MADD is a day to bring together victims, survivors, volunteers, and community partners to remember those killed, injured, or emotionally devastated by drunk driving; to inspire those who may feel helpless or lost; and to commit to a future of “No More Victims”. The event is a platform for victims and survivors to turn their pain into purpose, but it’s also a day for our community to rally and take a stand against drunk driving – to celebrate all the great work being done to end drunk driving.

This year’s Walk events will include:

• Victim Tribute Area
• Memory Mile
• Kids’ Zone activities
• Doggie Den
• Festival vendors
• Health and Safety Fair
• Food and Refreshments
and more!

For over 30 years, MADD has helped save lives—but people continue to be killed and injured by this 100% preventable crime. By participating in Walk Like MADD, you help make our Colorado communities safer.