We ❤ Rocky Mountain National Park

Nov 7, 2017 - Feb 21, 2019


Rocky Mountain National Park turns 100 in 2015. History Colorado is celebrating the people and the places of one of our most cherished spots in the We ❤ Rocky Mountain National Park exhibit. The exhibit is part of a year-long, state-wide celebration of Rocky Mountain National Park’s centennial.

Every day, we have amazing experiences in the park. We’re seeing a moose for the first time. Breathing in deep lungfuls of high mountain air. Proposing to our future spouse in front of Bear Lake. Climbing Longs Peak for the first—or 47th—time. Posing for a photo by a snowdrift on Trail Ridge Road. Camping with friends, or with an entire youth group.

Here are the stories of people who’ve worked at, lived in, visited and loved the park over the last 100 years. What’s your story about Rocky Mountain National Park?

We ❤ Rocky Mountain National Park introduces you to amazing people and the many ways they’ve loved the park. You’ll meet Ted Matthews, who attended RMNP’s 1915 dedication at the age of ten. He and wife Lois climbed, hiked, and photographed the park for decades. You can view the autochromes of Fred Clatworthy, the park’s premier early color photographer. You’ll learn to be a park ranger from Bob Flame, the fictional hero created by real-life ranger Dorr Yeager. Teddie Haines shows you the beauty and the isolation of living in the park full-time. You’ll learn how urban kids are learning to love the park with Roberto Moreno, founder of the Camp Moreno Project. You can also share your own story about Rocky Mountain National Park.