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Wild Fall

Oct 1, 2021 - Oct 31, 2021


As a zoo-based conservation organization, Denver Zoo is dedicated to protecting wildlife and wild places, which means creating mission-aligned events that inspire guests to save wildlife for future generations. That’s why the Zoo is launching Wild Fall, a new fall celebration event that offers all the family-focused fun of Boo at the Zoo, but with some enhancements and twists aimed at connecting guests to the natural—and supernatural—world.  

Wild Fall runs throughout the month of October with multiple moments of mystical surprises and more than 3,000 wild animals to discover. As guests explore the Zoo’s 84-acre campus, they’ll find convincing evidence that cryptids—mythical beasts that are believed, but not yet proven, to exist—walk among us. Highlights include costumes and characters, creature-carved pumpkins, festive food and drink, and special animal demonstrations that link these supernatural beings—like Bigfoot and the Kraken—to wildlife around the world.  

All Wild Fall activities are part of regular daytime admission and take place throughout normal daytime hours starting at 8:30 a.m. for members and 10 a.m. for the general public. Guests are strongly encouraged to wear costumes—especially animal costumes—but are asked to refrain from wearing masks that cover eyes or outfits that are scary or gory. It’s important to note that the Zoo will NOT be offering trick-or-treating and candy during Wild Fall, however guests are welcome to bring their own Halloween candy—and other snacks and drinks—to enjoy throughout the day.  

Members and guests are encouraged to reserve/purchase tickets in advance due to the popularity of the event and likelihood that many days and timeslots will sell out. For more information about Wild Fall and to purchase tickets, visit DenverZoo.org/Events/WildFall