Wild Game and Winter Vegetable Dinner

Jan 28, 2018

Bison Empanadas - Smoked Carrot Creme Fraiche, Dried Chilis
Winter Wheat Ragout - Braised Lamb, Squash, Last Summer’s Tomatoes, Ricotta
Cabbage Salad - Potato Chips, Kohlrabi, Fried Kale, Truffle vin
Dry Aged Elk Tenderloin - Venison Sausage, Celery Root, Shrooms ,Beet Demi
Carrot Cake - Buttermilk Ice Cream, Spiced and Stewed Apples

So it’s here, the dead of winter. We look back fondly on those warm long summer days, the bountiful farmers markets with fresh produce sprawling from stand to stand. But it’s winter, the days are cold, nights are long and the farmers markets on a break until the spring.
Cold weather doesn’t mean you have to go hungry. In fact it’s one of my favorite times of the year to cook as we can get creative, use our summer preserves and get into some hearty cooking to keep you going through these winter nights. I want to share you with you some of game meats that traditionally would be served during late fall/ winter when the fields were bare and folks needed protein to survive. Let’s embrace the cold months, with their unique flavors, taste and smells during this Wild Game and Winter Root Vegetable Dinner.

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