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Wild Wednesday Hikes - Foothills

May 29, 2019


Spend the morning with a guide learning about the foothills life zone and searching for foothills wildflowers. This hike will occur at the JeffCo Open Space Park, Deer Creek Canyon, which is approximately a 27-mile drive from Denver.

Deer Creek Canyon Park boasts diverse plant communities including Gambel oak groves, ponderosa pine forests, Douglas-fir forests, grasslands, and riparian. The park is one of the choicest locations to see wildflowers in late spring, including larkspur, Yucca, locoweed, several species of Penstemon and Astragalus. The participants will be provided with a plant list which includes scientific and common names of some of the plants that may be encountered on the hike.

The hike itself is approximately 2.5 miles and is rated as moderate, due to a few steep, rocky sections.