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Wild Wednesday Hikes - Plains/Steppe

May 15, 2019


Spend the morning with a guide learning about the plains life zone and the flora of Colorado's prairie wildflowers. This hike will take place at William Frederick Hayden Park which encompasses Green Mountain, a 6,800 foot mesa on the west side of Denver.

Expect to see beautiful wildflowers including Oenothera, Astragalus, and Lupine as well as learn to identify some of the major grasses and shrubs of the plains life zone. This hike will take us to the summit of Green Mountain and along the way we will see different exposures and microclimates in which dramatically different plant communities exist; these ecotones (transitional biological communities) will represent a transition between plains and foothills flora. The participants will be provided with a plant list which includes scientific and common names of some of the plants that may be encountered on the hike.

This hike is 6 miles in length with 500 feet of elevation gain.