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Winter Diamonds

Dec 7, 2021 - Dec 10, 2021


How many of us stay at a hotel in the town we call home? In the winter, the urge to remain warmly ensconced at home becomes more pronounced. The sparkling diamonds of winter beckon us outward, however; we will laugh at the harshness of winter from the elegance and grandeur of our own city! Join us for a tour of the finest in Denver, with stays at three of the city’s grande dames in its family of hotels. Between our three overnights, we’ll enjoy sumptuous meals, tours of how the well-to-do lived in the olden days, shop and revel together, immortalize our time in sepia tones and lift a glass to the setting sun.

The diamonds of winter are arrayed before you, brilliance in blazing white. The first moment may find them cold against your skin, but they will quickly warm during our time together as friends.

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