Women's Sensory Experience

Sep 14, 2017

You will invite nature into your day in a playful way, connecting to the morning sun, creating a contemplative space to support sensory awareness as you explore the gardens, meditate, practice yoga, journal and creatively express yourself. In this four hour program, you will discover how to attune to your sensory awareness with the intention of soothing your heart and listening to the flow of life from within.

Our sensory world has shrunk causing us to loose our connection to nature. Dive in fearlessly to nature’s healing balm, receiving all of the colors, sights, sounds, flavors and textures of your day. Anytime they call, the lawn and infinity fountains offer relaxation and restoration to permeate your entire being. Research is proving that just two hours in nature can reduce our stress levels and balance the body and mind, imagine what four hours can do.