Wooden Egg Decorating with Delanie Holton-Fessler

Apr 17, 2019

  • Image The Craftsman & Apprentice
    1325 E. 22nd Ave., Denver, CO 80205
  • Image Price: $45
  • Image From: 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM
  • Image Visual Arts
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When I was a child, my grandfather had a collection of hundreds of decorative eggs. From Fabrege to simple wooden eggs, his collection intrigued me and I would spend hours looking over the details of each one. Eggs are a symbol of spring, of rebirth and of hope. Join me for an evening of creative play. We'll start with the simple form of a 2" wooden egg and create heirloom quality decorative eggs. We will explore a variety of surface treatments including wood burning, paints, dyes, and resists. Each person will go home with 1/2 dozen solid wooden eggs.