Yemen Blues Play Hallel

Nov 3, 2019


Yemen Blues Plays Hallel is a newly conceived program of songs inspired by the Book of Psalms performed in the uniquely melodic, rhythmic Judeo-Arabic genre that Yemen Blues has introduced to audiences around the world. The songs are the co-creation of super-charismatic Yemen Blues lead singer Ravid Kahalani, and its co-founder bass/oud virtuoso and composer Omer Avital.

Hallel (Hebrew: הלל, “Praise”) is a Jewish Prayer, a verbatim recitation from Psalms 113–118, recited by observant Jews on holy days as an act of praise and thanksgiving.

The new compositions presented by this project are carefully derived from Kahalani’s thoughtful reading into the deep spiritual meaning of the holy text from Tehillim (Psalms). Dive with Hallel into the deepest secrets that well up through those words of praise, which tell the story of each of us as human beings before the maker and as individuals in this world. This energetic project brings together the influence of Yemenite Jewish culture and Afro Funk groove.

“Quite simply, it’s one of the most exciting bands in world music right now”

–Time Out Chicago