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Yoga + Hiking Journey in the Rockies

9/11/2021, 9/12/2021, 9/18/2021, 9/22/2021, 9/24/2021, 9/26/2021


Imagine a day where you are miles away from every day life in the beautiful Rocky Mountains, enjoying a lovely hike while stopping along the way for Yoga and Meditation sessions… This is Zen Out Yoga

Join us for a one of a kind journey that includes an experienced guide and yoga teacher, thoughtful Yoga practices, and relaxing Meditation breaks all while hiking through the majestic scenery of the Colorado trails.  Our trails are all lovely and either follow along a river, stop by an alpine lake, have panoramic views, or all of the above!  Locations vary by day, check the schedule for dates and details. 

All levels of yoga experience are welcome but recommended hiking experience varies by day.

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