You Are Here: Gregory Block Solo Exhibition

Mar 19, 2018 - May 5, 2018

This spring, in partnership with Sugarcube, Gallery 1261 presents You Are Here, a solo exhibition of work from Gregory Block. The body of work on view in this exhibition is created from the artist’s repurposing of aluminum cans, creating extraordinarily detailed maps of the places we inhabit. The exhibition runs from Wednesday March 14th through May 13th at 1555 Blake Street, with an opening reception on March 14th from 6-8 pm.

To fully explain this exhibition, it is best to start with the artist himself. Block begins by asking, “Modern humans are pretty good at getting from point A to point B, especially with our phones to tell us where to go and how to get there. But we are here. Where’s that?” This serves as a starting point to explain the maps he has created. Acting as reminders of our surroundings in ways that we don’t often think, these works offer an illuminating and interesting take on Denver, the US, and the world as a whole. They highlight the complex layout of the places we inhabit, and their often-overlooked details.

Block goes on to describe these pieces more in depth: “This series of maps, constructed from aluminum cans and carpet tacks, firmly anchors the viewer in the universe, the Milky Way Galaxy, the solar system, and on earth, and homes in on our very real location amid the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It’s a tourist guide, an explorer’s tool, an evacuation plan; a study of civil engineering, geography, astrophysics and the boundaries of human intelligence. But more than anything, it’s a reminder that regardless of where we’re going or where we’re coming from, we are always here.” In the hustle and bustle of daily life we so often forget our place in the larger world and these works serve to remind us of just that.

Block’s utilization of empty cans speaks to his resourcefulness and his ability to turn something discarded into something beautiful. Here he has turned the mundane or ordinary into something thought provoking and wholly new. This show is certainly not to miss.