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Zona Rosa

Nov 20, 2021 - Jan 8, 2022


The exhibition will feature more than a dozen large-scale paintings. Ricardo Rios describes the origination of the term and his application of it for this exhibition. “Zona Rosa” (Rose Zone) was the term created by the Mexican artist and journalist Jose Luis Cuevas in the 1950s, to refer to, in an ironic way, a red zone in the center of a Mexican colony. It was a zone of tolerance, of “low life” bars, of sex, of options–a place where artists and politicians could coincide,” said Ricardo Rios. “The appropriation of this term is totally conscious. My version of Zona Rosa (Rose Zone) is about roses, flowers, gardens, eroticism, sensuality, and voluptuousness–a place where everything coexists within a painting’s geography. For me, this space has an intentional hermaphrodite nature, where there are portraits of prohibited jungles all in the world of paint, where everything is possible and permitted.” “Angel's Work reminds you of the immediacy of life,” said gallery owner and exhibition curator Doug Kacena. “There is a frenetic energy to his work, and, in his final work, the viewer can see the responsive nature he relies on during his painting process. From this process, beautiful, organic and sensual forms emerge.” 

Special thanks to the Biennial of the Americas for partnering on a simultaneous-translation artist talk with Angel Ricardo Ricardo Rios at 4:30pm, November 20th.