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When it comes to the Olympics, there are some things that everyone knows and other things that lots of people think they know. And the two categories define the difference between keeping an open mind on whether Denver should bid for an upcoming Winter Olympics and dismissing the idea out of hand.

An ambitious set of 118 reforms that reimagines how the Olympic Games are delivered, was presented to membership of International Olympic Committee (IOC) at it's 132nd session.

Colorado is considering making a bid as a Winter Olympics site, as early as 2026. Right now, an exploratory committee has been formed to gauge public interest and support.

Continued interest among Colorado’s movers and shakers to host an Olympic Winter Games can seem truly odd. This is the state whose voters infamously stunned the world in 1972 by voting to reject the 1976 Winter Games after the International Olympics Committee accepted Denver’s bid to host them. It’s…