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Denver Celebrates 50 years of PRIDE!

Denver PrideFest, one of the nation’s premier LGBTQ+ events, is set to commemorate its 50th anniversary with a spectacular celebration on June 22-23, 2024.

This milestone event, themed “50 Years of Pride,” promises to be a vibrant and unifying gathering for communities across Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region. Known for its colorful parades, energetic performances, and diverse exhibitors, Denver Pride 2024 is expected to draw even larger crowds than the estimated 550,000 attendees in 2023. As we honor five decades of progress, unity, and inclusivity, this year’s festival will not only celebrate the rich history of Denver Pride but also introduce new sustainability initiatives and support for local LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs. Join us at Civic Center Park for a weekend filled with pride, joy, and a renewed commitment to fostering acceptance and diversity.

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