Ambli Global


Menu Price: $45.00

Ambli is all about the guest experience. When you walk into Ambli you are walking into our home. We believe a great dining experience is a combination of ambiance, quality and passion. There are some things you should know about us.

Ambli [Amm-blee] means tamarind in the Indian language Gujarati.

​We are a many things but a Steakhouse is not one of them – we have a globally inspired menu that has creativity, authenticity and life.

​We take allergies very seriously, however if you do have a garlic, spice or onion aversion the options will be limited and the safest meal for you will be a salad.

​We create simple, well balanced, hand crafted cocktails. We are not a hipster bar. We do classic cocktails with a worldly twist.

Our sommelier has hand-selected wines that are affordable, delicious, balanced, and don’t have a ridiculous markup so you can feel at ease when you indulge

Though we're not a farm-to-table restaurant we do use the highest quality and freshest ingredients.

We are very conscious of our menu pricing. Keep in mind all our menu items are made from scratch with lots of labor and love. You’ll taste the love, I promise.

While our dining room is vibrant, it is not loud. We believe in music that compliments the ambiance, but still allows for conversation.

The Ambli team is genuine about the guest experience. The team is always working hard to give you a memorable experience.

Ambli is operated by two female owners and a Chef who give their heart and soul to the business every day. What we lack in perfection, we make up for in passion. You might even find us at your table.



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