Candid Culture


Candid Culture is a Denver-based, international training firm bringing candor back to the workplace, making it easier to tell the truth at work. The people we work with have a tendency to talk about us, not to us. The lack of straight talk in organizations makes it difficult to retain customers and employees. Candid Culture provides keynote speeches, conference breakout sessions, conference emcees, and training for all types of organizations and events that get people talking to each other, not about each other.

Shari Harley, the firm's founder and President, is consistently rated the top speaker at the 100+ conferences at which she speaks each year. Shari blends her 15 years of corporate and stand-up comedy experience to make her keynote speeches a blend of laugh-out-loud funny and incredibly useful tools and techniques. Shari teaches a communication system that is simple and easy to implement. Conference and meeting attendees describe her programs as the most fun and valuable they've ever experienced at a conference.

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