Denver Museum of Nature & Science (DMNS)


For more than 100 years, the Denver Museum of Nature & Science has been at the heart of cultural experience in Denver. Explore the cosmos, uncover dazzling gems and minerals, see an IMAX film and a planetarium show, and get as close to a T-Rex as you dare. Visit for all of our current offerings, including temporary exhibitions, IMAX showtimes, and current T-Rex Cafe menu options.


Green Practices
  • Activities/Tours for Leisure/Business groups:
  • Event Space:
  • Group Activities Description: Track animals at a state park, conduct experiments under the watchful eye of a scientist, dig for fossils, check out a show in our Planetarium or IMAX 3D Theater, and so much more! Please call us to book a group or for any other group information.
  • Hours: Open daily: 9am-5pm
  • Indoor Fire Code: 4000
  • Miles to airport: 18
  • Miles to CCC: 4
  • Motor Coach Parking:
  • Onsite Parking Spaces: 850
  • Total Capacity (if applicable): 4000
  • Complimentary Internet:
  • Facility & Décor Description: The Denver Museum of Nature and Science is a treasured landmark of the City and boasts over 700,000 square feet of award-winning wildlife dioramas, gems & minerals, mummies, and our famous dinosaurs. The four-story West Atrium features the best view in Denver--especially sunset from the Sky Terrace.
  • Number of Restaurants on site: 1
  • Allow Buy Out:
Green Practices
  • Colorado Environmental Leadership Program:
  • Energy Star Rated:
  • Green Practice Desc: ISO14001 Certified LEED CI Certification LEED NC Certification Member of Green Building Counci (USGBC) Solor Panels
  • Green Seal Certified:
  • LEED Certification: New Construction
  • LEED Certified:
  • LEED Level: Platinum

Meeting Facilities

Facility Info
Meeting Rooms
  • Description The Denver Museum of Nature and Science is a treasured landmark of the City and boasts over 700,000 square feet of award-winning wildlife dioramas, gems & minerals, mummies, and our famous dinosaurs. The four-story West Atrium features the best view in Denver--especially sunset from the Sky Terrace.
  • Largest Room 400
  • Total Sq. Ft. 35000
  • Reception Capacity 4000
  • Theatre Capacity 390
  • Catering In-house
  • Type of Venue Gallery/Museum, Special Events Venue
  • Type of Event Reception, Banquet, Meeting Theatre , Meeting Classroom
  • Banquet Capacity 400
  • Number of Rooms 13
North Atrium and Dinosaur Louge
  • Total Sq. Ft.: 7050
  • Theater Capacity: 250
  • Banquet Capacity: 420
  • Reception Capacity: 510
North Atrium
  • Total Sq. Ft.: 4150
  • Theater Capacity: 330
  • Classroom Capacity: 180
  • Banquet Capacity: 240
  • Reception Capacity: 330
South and Central Atrium
  • Total Sq. Ft.: 8725
  • Theater Capacity: 615
  • Classroom Capacity: 300
  • Banquet Capacity: 560
  • Reception Capacity: 705
South Atrium
  • Total Sq. Ft.: 4725
  • Theater Capacity: 415
  • Classroom Capacity: 200
  • Banquet Capacity: 350
  • Reception Capacity: 415
Schlessman Lobby
  • Theater Capacity: 150
  • Classroom Capacity: 60
  • Banquet Capacity: 110
  • Reception Capacity: 250
Spartlen Lounge
  • Total Sq. Ft.: 1000
  • Theater Capacity: 80
  • Classroom Capacity: 50
  • Banquet Capacity: 60
  • Reception Capacity: 100
Harry T Lewis Room
  • Total Sq. Ft.: 800
  • Theater Capacity: 40
  • Classroom Capacity: 25
  • Banquet Capacity: 50
  • Reception Capacity: 50
Anschutz Sky Terrace
  • Total Sq. Ft.: 3325
  • Reception Capacity: 250
VIP Room
  • Total Sq. Ft.: 840
  • Theater Capacity: 50
  • Classroom Capacity: 40
  • Banquet Capacity: 50
  • Reception Capacity: 50
Africa Station
  • Total Sq. Ft.: 475
  • Theater Capacity: 40
  • Classroom Capacity: 32
  • Banquet Capacity: 40
  • Reception Capacity: 40
Ricketson Auditorium
  • Theater Capacity: 250
Gates Planetarium
  • Theater Capacity: 118
Leprino Family Atrium
  • Total Sq. Ft.: 7525
  • Theater Capacity: 150
  • Banquet Capacity: 330
  • Reception Capacity: 600


Jan 20, 2021

Black Holes: The Other Side of Infinity
Jan 8, 2021 - Feb 25, 2021

There's a place from which nothing escapes, not even light, where time and space literally come to end. It's at this point, inside this fantastic riddle, that black holes exert their sway over the cosmos ... and our imaginations. In this...

Jan 20, 2021

Cosmic Journey
Jan 8, 2021 - Feb 25, 2021

Volcanoes tower 80,000 feet above a barren surface. Monstrous hurricanes rage for 400 years. And multicolored rings sit suspended in air. In Cosmic Journey: A Solar System Adventure, you'll travel through our solar system faster than the...

Jan 20, 2021

Digital Earth Ice
Jan 20, 2021

  • Image Jan 20, 2021
  • Image Starting: 7:00 PM
  • Image $8

Prepare for a trip to Himalayan glaciers, chilly fjords, and the frigid coast of Antarctica. Geologist Bob Raynolds and Ka Chun Yu, curator of space science, will guide you through landscapes defined by snow and ice, which are also...

Jan 20, 2021

Dynamic Earth
Jan 8, 2021 - Feb 25, 2021

Dynamic Earth narrated by Liam Neeson explores the inner workings of Earth's climate system. With visualizations based on satellite monitoring data and advanced supercomputer simulations, this cutting-edge production follows a trail of...

Jan 20, 2021

Hidden Pacific 3D
Jan 15, 2021 - Mar 11, 2021

  • Image Jan 20, 2021
  • Image Phipps Imax Theater at DMNS 2001 Colorado Blvd., Denver, CO 80206
  • Image Daily: 10:30 AM, 1:00 PM & 3:00 PM; Fri, Sat & Sun: 5:00 PM

Directed by award-winning photographer and conservationist Ian Shive (Midway: Edge of Tomorrow), Hidden Pacific is a pioneering film profiling the Pacific Ocean's national wildlife refuge islands and marine national monuments - breathtaking...

Jan 20, 2021

Into America’s Wild 3D
Jan 15, 2021 - Feb 11, 2021

From the Academy Award®-nominated producers of the acclaimed hit film National Parks Adventure comes Into America's Wild, an unforgettable cross-country adventure into the hidden wonders of the natural world. A non-stop ride via kayak,...

Jan 20, 2021

One World, One Sky: Big Bird’s Adventure
Jan 8, 2021 - Feb 25, 2021

One World, One Sky is a brilliant spectacle of light and color that follows Sesame Street's Big Bird and Elmo as they explore the night sky with Hu Hu Zhu, a new friend from China. Together, they take an imaginary trip from Sesame Street to...

Jan 20, 2021

Superpower Dogs 3D
Jan 15, 2021 - Mar 11, 2021

Best friend, indeed. You will be awed by the life-saving superpowers and extraordinary bravery of some of the world's most amazing dogs. In this inspiring story, journey around the globe to follow remarkable dogs that save lives and share a...

Jan 20, 2021

The Art of the Brick
Jun 24, 2020 - Jan 31, 2021

The global sensation The Art of the Brick is coming to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science next summer. Renowned contemporary artist Nathan Sawaya has taken LEGO® bricks from beloved toys to artistic marvels. Sawaya's original...

Jan 20, 2021

Tierra Dinámica en español
Jan 8, 2021 - Feb 25, 2021

Tierra dinámica explora el funcionamiento interno del gran sistema de soporte vital de la Tierra: el clima global. La audiencia recorrerá océanos arremolinados y corrientes ventosas, se lanzará al centro de un huracán monstruoso, se...

Jan 20, 2021

Agujeros Negros en español
Jan 10, 2021 - Feb 21, 2021

Hay un lugar del que nada puede escapar, ni siquiera la luz, un lugar donde el tiempo y el espacio literalmente llegan a su fin. Es en ese punto, dentro de este enigma fantástico, donde los agujeros negros ejercen su poder sobre el...

Jan 20, 2021

  • Image Jan 20, 2021
  • Image Starting: 7:00 PM

View "The Last American Indian on Earth", a performance art piece by Gregg Deal (Pyramid Lake Paiute), which documents what happens when an unsuspecting public is confronted with the flesh-and-blood version of a stereotype. This piece is a...

Jan 20, 2021

Sue: The T. rex Experience
Feb 12, 2021 - Apr 25, 2021

Step into the world of SUE: The T. rex Experience to uncover the mysteries about the life of this fearsome fossil. Come between two titans with full-scale casts of SUE and T. rex's nemesis, Triceratops. Experience a unique multimedia show...

Jan 20, 2021

Explore where, when, why, and perhaps most intriguing, how Stonehenge was built in Stonehenge: Ancient Mysteries and Modern Discoveries. After centuries of speculation, we are finally forming an understanding of Stonehenge thanks to...

Jan 20, 2021

Numbers in Nature: A Mirror Maze
Jun 4, 2021 - Sep 19, 2021

"Numbers in Nature: A Mirror Maze" is an immersive experience about math that's hardly by the numbers. The exhibition beautifully illustrates how patterns surround us in nature. They form the veins in a leaf, the spiral of a nautilus and...

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