Menu Price: $25.00

FNG is where quality and quantity meet. Remember that show, that song, that one album that defined you as the person you are? It’s for that moment, and in that moment, that FNG was born. FNG is the reminder of all that is genuine, pure and just f’n good. Our food is Rock N Roll and our drinks are Punk Rock. The staff; an over-educated, tattooed, eclectic band of experience creating hospitality rock stars. We define the FNG experience in four simple words ... LIVE FREE, DINE HARD!



The Opener

o Salmon Tot Salad
o Smothered Tots
o Rabbit Green Chili

The Main Act

o Chicken Fried Chicken / mashed potatoes / green beans / green chili / country gravy
o Grilled Meatloaf / mashed potatoes / green beans / cipollini gravy
o Oak Grilled Fish Sandwich/ toasted bun / go ju jang remoulade / citrus cabbage slaw
o FNG Veggie Bolognese/ hand made tagliatelle pasta / house ricotta / garlic toast

The Encore

o Salted Caramel Pie
o Dirt Cup