Menu Price: $45.00

Our Passion is using good, honest food.
We define good, honest food as:
Locally sourced – produce ripened on the plant tastes better and is more nutritious
Small producers- pride in the craftsmanship for each unique product
Organically grown – a respect for the soil, the plant, and the consumer
Community is an essential catalyst to making Fooducopia work. Buying food from local small producers sustains their valiant efforts. Educating our neighbors about food creates the market that attracts small food producers. And finally, creating a menu using these ingredients allows you to enjoy delicious food.




beet & cucumber salad with avocado, almond and feta

marinated wild mushrooms

leek and cauliflower soup with crispy salami

house-made pate with herb butter, crostini and micro green salad


seared scallop with brown butter, walnuts and sage with orzo

peppered seared duck breast with mashed potatoes and red wine pan sauce

fried green tomatoes with maple carrots, marinara sauce and veggies

braised lamb shank with root vegetables and roasted potatoes

steak of the day with steak fries and a creamy blue cheese caramelized onion sauce and asparagus


flourless chocolate torte

traditional house-made cheesecake with fresh berries

cinnamon orange rum bread pudding with ice cream

cheese board