Hammond's Candies Since 1920


Nearly 100 years ago, Carl T. Hammond Sr. opened Hammond’s Candy Factory in Denver with a commitment to quality. While we started as a small family business with a loyal local following, we have now grown into an iconic brand with international distribution. Hammond’s is proud to delight fans of all ages with scrumptious treats crafted by hand from start to finish.

Wonder how our lollipops, candy canes and other Hammond’s treats are made? Bring your curiosity and your sweet tooth for a complimentary tour of our factory. Thousands of kids and kids at heart visit us every year to watch as their favorite treats are pulled, twisted, shaped, and packaged by hand—just like they have been since 1920.


  • Activities/Tours for Leisure/Business groups:
  • Group Activities Description: Hommond's offers free factory tours daily (except Sunday.) Tours run every half hour Monday through Saturday. You too can be Willy Wonka in the Chocolate Factory. It's fun, it's free, and there is free candy too.
  • Motor Coach Parking:
  • Free:
  • Self Guided:

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