Jing Restaurant


Menu Price: $35.00

Jing’s menu features Asian fusion with a touch of global cuisine, spanning from sushi to steaks, using products from locally sourced and organic farms.



SUSHI & SASHIMI (Select one per couple)

Electric Dragon Roll
Strawberry Quinoa Roll
New Style Salmon, Hamachi or Ahi

SMALL PLATES (Select one per couple)

Fried Cauliflower
XO Shishito Peppers
Chicken Lettuce Wraps
Spicy Chinese Dumplings

SIGNATURE (Select two per couple)

Peppercorn Tenderloin
wok charred w/ red bell pepper,
jalapeño, onion, crispy shallots

Cantonese Ginger & Leek Prawns
large Gulf Shrimp, wok tossed with
baby bok choy, eggs, Chinese Leeks,
savory oyster sauce

Baby Back Ribs
½ rack tender, house bbq, w/ truffle fries,
kale slaw

Korean Seafood Jjampong
mix of fresh seafood including PEI Mussels,
Diver Scallops, jumbo Gulf shrimp, calamari rings
spicy red pepper broth, egg noodles, seasonal veg
– add Lobster tail for $12

DESSERT (Select one per couple)

Toffee Chocolate Mousse Cake

Italian Tiramisu

Four High Carrot Cake

Additional Items

Gluten Free Options Available
For 1 person dining option please choose one from
Sushi & Sashimi or Small Plates