SALT The Bistro


Menu Price: $35.00

The philosophy at SALT is simple: a belief that the best food travels the shortest distance from farm to table, that menus should change with the seasons and that the locally sourced ingredients, combined with European technique and innovative thinking make for a truly remarkable experience. Chef Bradford Heap and his staff have made a commitment to source local, organic and fresh ingredients whenever possible. The menu reflects this mind-set, simple, yet elegant and delicious. The wines, while sourced all over the world offer our guests some classic profiles, while introducing them to some new and exciting choices as well as a pre-prohibition cocktails with a twist. Approachable, but sophisticated. Enjoy!




Tomato Soup, grilled cheese crouton

White Bean Soup, olive oil

Chicken Pate, ciabatta toast, pickled vegetable, herb salad, bacon lardon

Arugula & Beet Salad, goat cheese cream, pistachio, pomegranate

Crispy Brussels Sprouts, orange, ginger, cranberry, scallion


Mary's Chicken Confit, crispy polenta, chard, spaghetti squash, cranberry-balsamic sauce

Gnocchi Bolognese, mirepoix, parmesan, cream

Farro Stuffed Delicatta Squash, wood roasted rainbow carrot, chard, quinoa fritters, mini powerbowl salad

Plant Based Taco Salad, crispy tortilla bowl, cilantro lime rice, black bean, chick pea, farro, quinoa, lettuce, salsa, avocado puree

Steak AQ $5 supplement


Chocolate Tart, marshmellow brulee, cocoa nib ice cream

Coconut Cheese Cake, butternut squash caramel, chantilly

Mango Panna Cotta, gelee, pomegranate, tuille