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A FREE customized 60 to 120-minute training program delivered on-site for your organization, presented by a member of the Go the EXTRA Mile team.  This training will highlight: 

  • Key facts about Denver
  • New attractions and upcoming conventions
  • Denver’s top attractions and resources for visitors
  • The EXTRA strategy for helping front line staff Go the EXTRA Mile
  • Participants will also be encouraged to set personal goals to “Go the EXTRA Mile” for Denver.

You may pick up to 2

Please provide details on when you would like this training to take place (i.e. staff/dept. meeting), including the desired date.

What do you hope to get out of this experience? Goals?

Our Expectations:

We will need you to provide a power-point projector screen (we’ll bring projector and laptop), tables and chairs for participants, an additional table for materials, and refreshments (if desirable for your group).

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