Denver celebrated the Biennial of the Americas festival from mid-July through August 2015 with art exhibitions, installations and cultural programming. Check back later for information on the 2017 event.

The work of the Biennial connects the people of Denver with one another and with the Americas. We bring the most inspiring artists, innovators, leaders and experts from the Denver metro area and from North, South and Central America and the Caribbean together around the most pressing issues of our time.

Highlights of the 2015 The Biennial of the Americas included: 

• Three nights of symposium discussions featuring inspiring leaders and business icons from across the Americas

• Three major art exhibitions and two public art installations across the city

• More than 40 artists representing 9 countries

• A public Biennial Pavilion with fun drop-in events that encompass art, food, performances, demonstrations and talks

• Events continued throughout the summer in collaboration with partners across Denver and the Front Range

For more information, visit the official Biennial website. For more information about events in Denver, visit our year-round calendar Denver365.

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Biennial of the Americas