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The Denver Museum of Nature & Science is showcasing two new exhibitions. One will transport you back to the days of childhood, while the other will take you inside the minds of our canine companions.

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Thru Dec. 1, 2021

Soar through the air like a bird on the wing in this cutting-edge virtual reality experience! Visually immersed through a head-mounted VR display, fliers are enveloped in a high-resolution Jurassic era virtual landscape charged with interactive zones and entertaining surprises. The result of Birdly’s precise sensory-motor coupling — including headwind simulation, 3D audio and visual impact — is absolute exhilaration!


Thru Dec. 31, 2021

A newly discovered trove of remarkably preserved fossils found at Corral Bluffs near Colorado Springs sheds new light on how Earth recovered after the devastating asteroid impact 66 million years ago that wiped out the dinosaurs. See some of the best fossils from the site, handle real concretions and replicas of fossils important to the discovery, and experience the thrill of discovery via a multimedia storytelling wall that recounts this remarkable find.

Survival of the Slowest

Oct. 22, 2021–June 1, 2022

Sometimes being slow has advantages! Meet live animals such as a two-toed sloth, a green iguana, a chameleon and several other species that manage to thrive in a world where large, strong and fast animals are often at the top of the food chain. Explore dozens of habitats teeming with live plants and animals, and discover their counterintuitive adaptations and surprising strategies for survival.

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